How to Properly Return to the Office Space

Our goal here at CDC is to help provide an easy and smooth return back to the office space for you and your associates. Included in this blog post are solutions, guides and tips to help make your transition as smooth as possible.

How can you make your associates feel safe and protected as they transition into the office space?

Send your associates a PPE Box to help prepare them for their return to the office. Our PPE Box includes all the essentials your associates need to stay protected from Covid-19 and its variants. Inside the PPE Box you can find…

  • Gloves- 100 ct
  • Masks- 25 ct
  • Antibacterial Hand Soap- 7.5 oz
  • Hand Sanitizer- 16.9 oz
  • Disinfectant Wipes- 75 ct
  • Paper Towels- 1 roll

Touchless coffee & water solutions can help make your associates feel safe in the break room

CDC carries a various amount of equipment that implement a touchless interface.

The Nio allows for an effortless coffee experience with delicious coffee from a hassle-free coffee machine. With ConnectMe solution, you can manage and monitor your coffee machine remotely from your desktop or tablet with this add-on option.

Click here to see how to operate the touchless option on the Nio.

The C600 was designed with hygiene top-of-mind: you can brew straight from your phone with the FLAVIA® Tap N’Brew App. The Tap N' Brew App mirrors the brewer screen's functionality so you can order and customize your drink—right from your phone.

The Encore 29 can be controlled, monitored and managed remotely using Sophia – Touchless Solutions. Order coffee without ever touching the brewer.

All Nespresso Momento machines now have a touchless function. This smart solution ensures safe coffee preparation at all times for your employees and guests. Completely without touching the coffee machine.



The CX Touch brewer now has the addition of QR technology to brew pods with reduced touch operation. The QR technology maintains the customizable features of size and strength using our own free web app. Reducing touch points helps reduce the spread germs.

Use a stylus with your Fresh Cup 4 Touch interactive touch screen to reduce touch points. Click here to learn how to reduce touch points on the Newco Fresh Cup Touch.


All the functionality and control of your Bevi touchless water dispenser right in your hands. Customize your beverage, check your environmental impact and view nutrition info right from your phone. Stay safe whilst enjoying great-tasting purified water. Waterlogic offers a multiple pedal system to make the dispenser touchless and thus reducing the spread of germs between users. Choose between cold, sparkling, ambient hot and extra hot water without touching any buttons or dials.


Did you know you can even add a self-cleaning touch screen to your machine?

NanoSpetic makes a film that prevents bacteria from forming and reproducing on its surface. The film is made of high-gloss film with more than 90% transparency.

Have you tried our new and exclusive coffee yet?

Elevate your coffee with Muldoon’s Singles. Muldoon’s Singles are fresher than anything you’ve tasted before. They are crafted with premium coffees from around the globe, with a large selection of unique blends and flavours. And what makes Muldoon’s Singles even more enjoyable you may ask? You can make your cup of Muldoon’s coffee without even touching the brewer! That is right, Muldoon's Singles are compatible with all Newco brewers. Try brewing Muldoon’s Singles with the Newco CX Touch for a touchless solution.

Is your office equipment properly sanitized?

As you plan for your return to the office, please remember how important it is to schedule an equipment sanitization.  You are protecting the health and wellbeing of your associate by having your equipment properly sanitized.

Coffee Distributing Corp.’s recommended return to office equipment sanitization is as follows:

  • Water filtration services prior to opening to help alleviate any potential microbiological growth.
  • A full machine wipe down and sanitization.
  • All old product to be discarded.
  • All machines flushed internally a minimum of 5x to thoroughly flush any stagnant water or sediment out of the lines.

To find out more information or to schedule a sanitization please contact!

Provide your associates with single serve snacks, beverages and more

Browse through our Simple Guide to Single Serve to learn more about easy switches you can make to ensure your associates feel comfortable in the break room! The options are endless!

Click to download CDC’s Spring 2021 Re-Engage Document to find out more information on how to properly return to the office space.