Professional Cleaning Service by Ready Refresh

Coffee Distributing Corp. and Ready Refresh’s Professional Cleaning Service has you covered!

CDC has teamed up with Ready Refresh to provide your office water bottle coolers with a state-of-the-art professional cleaning service experience. Ready Refresh’s Professional Cleaning Service technicians clean and sanitize all dispensers through a rigorous multistep process making it easy for you to enjoy fresh and tasty water. The cleaning service costs $99.

You should take advantage of Ready Refresh’s Professional Cleaning Service for your office water coolers for many different reasons including…

Professional CleaningReady Refresh professional cleaning

Ready Refresh uses professional-grade cleansers and sanitizers to service every part of your dispenser that comes in contact with water, including delicate internal parts.

Expert Maintenance

Ready Refresh knows what to look for and know how to keep your dispenser pristine.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy - with Ready Refresh and CDC's Professional Cleaning Service, your water dispenser is in expert hands.

Enjoy Great-Tasting Water

We recommend professionally cleaning and sanitizing your dispenser four times per year.

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