CDC's Premium Snack Box Collection

It's Breaktime... Anytime, Anywhere!

CDC’s Premium Snack Box Collection has the perfect variety of snacks and beverages to satisfy all taste buds. Pick from nine different Premium Snack Boxes- ranging from sweet, salty and vegan! Each snack box is filled with popular and trendy coffee, tea, chips, cookies and bars. Encourage employee engagement by sending them to your team and don’t forget to order one for yourself!

Our Premium Snack Box Collection:


Breaktime Healthy Snack Box
Our signature Breaktime Box with 25 or 50 delicious and trendy snacks! Featuring Dang, Love Corn, Sahale, Think Jerky and YES Bar.

Coffee & More Snack Box

Featuring La Colombe Hot Coffee and Cold Brew, Starbucks, RISE and yummy treats! This snack box includes 17 items to perk up your day!

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Coffee, Tea & More Snack Box

Featuring La Colombe, Starbucks, Teavana Tea and yummy treats! This snack box includes 15 items. 

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Go Nuts! Snack Box

This snack box is a great source of protein with peanuts, cashews, mixed nuts and bars. Featuring Bazzini, Sahale, Mr. Nature, Chocolove, Kind and Bobby Sue's. This snack box includes 16 items.

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Healthy Choices (A) Snack Box

Choosing healthier snack options doesn't mean sacrificing taste. This snack box has 16 items including Hippeas, Kind Bars, IQ Bars, Annie's cheddar bunnies and two cans of Mojo Coconut Water,  just to name a few.

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Healthy Choices (B) Snack Box

An alternative healthy option without coconut water. This box features some favorites including Pretzel Crisps, Think Thin Bars, Back to Nature, Think Jerky, Farmers Pantry Honey Crisps and more. This snack box includes 15 items.

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Protein Pack Snack Box

Looking for protein? This box is loaded with it! Five Core Power Protein drinks, Think Jerky, RX Bars, Think Thin Bars, Righteous Felon Jerky Sticks and Nugo Chocolate Pretzel bars. Protein never tasted so good. This snack box includes 15 Items.

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Sweet Tooth Snack Box


This snack box has a bunch of old-time favorites like Chuckles, M&M's, Nestle Crunch Bars, Mike & Ike's and some trendy new snacks - Justin's Peanut Butter Cups and Pocky to name a few. Perfect for a movie night or to satisfy a sweet tooth. This snack box includes 16 Items.

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Vegan Snack Box

Certified Vegan snacks including Made Good Marshmallow Bars, Skinny Pop, Nature's Bakery Fig bars and more! 14 Item Snack Box.

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